Why You Should Be Recording Video Now

In March 2016, Mark Zuckerburg announced at the F8 Developers conference that Facebook had 4 BILLION video streams daily. Let that sink in a bit.

We said, “FOUR BILLION”.

While many of you may think YouTube is the king of the video world, your audience is most likely spending more time on Facebook and is watching twice as many videos here!

If you don’t know if your audience watches video, post one and then check out your Facebook Pages Insights. It quickly jumps to the top of the stats for reach and engagement.

So how can you ensure that the video content you do post maximises its potential? Here are a few tips:

  • Post natively: that is post directly to Facebook without the help of a third party application. Videos posted directly to Facebook have the advantage of automatically playing when fans browse through their feed. Facebook doesn’t want users to leave their platform to head over to YouTube so videos that keep users in Facebook like native posts, get preference.
  • Seconds count: you need to grab your audience’s attention in the first three seconds. Go out strong, then bring it home. To keep fan’s attention, we advise videos be kept between 13 seconds and 2 minutes long for your day-to-day content.
  • Make sharable content: extend the reach of your video by making fans want to share it. What motivates people to share? Content that is humorous, emotive or informative. Informative posts with tips and tricks that can save people time, make their life easier or inform them how to do a task, are very popular on Facebook and get shared widely. If people are going to share it, you want to make sure they know the original source.
  • Brand it: watermark, logo in the background, theme song, whatever suits your organisation to include, just be sure that the sharable content clearly indicates it is about or from you.
  • Caption it: HubSpot says 51% of all videos are played on mobile devices and most people check Facebook with their phone’s volume turned down, so adding captioning ensures the message doesn’t get lost.

Happy videoing!

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