What’s this Tik Tok thing?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Tik Tok

What is it?

Good Question. Here is an example of a Tik Tok video.

Yes. Sorry you have to click the link so that you can hear the music.

Okay…. so what’s the difference between that and an Instagram video?

Well! It’s in the concept and user experience that you find these differences. Tik Tok is 100% video and 100% about real people. There is much more of an unpolished, silly and amateaur feel to the videos. However, because of the abundance and quality of video editing tools- despite being an amateur, you’d be surprised what you and your friends can put together. It’s some Avatar circa 2009 s*#t. 

If you remember Vine, Tik Tok is a bit like the new school version of that. You can upload 15 second portrait videos that people can scroll through like an Instagram feed (if there were no photos). The only catch? You don’t decide what shows up in your feed. Instead of scrolling through posts from your friends, your favourite celebrities and brands you love- it uses machine learning to guess what you would like to see based on how you have interacted with the app in the past. Very 22nd century. It also means that if you are creative, adaptive and have a strong message- you can probably reach a pretty wide audience.

Common Content Themes

The common content themes are: commentaries on everyday life, lip syncing, dancing, mash ups and mockery of pop culture events as well as lots of “comedy skits.” I put that in quotations because that is up to you to decide… Part of what makes Tik Tok so addictive as a content creator is it gives you an infinite supply of content ideas. It isn’t like Facebook or Instagram where you are wondering…”hmm what do I post.” Challenges are a fun part of the platform, like #posechallenge #filterswitch and #MakeEverySecondCount. That encourage users to upload their own rendition of a trending video theme. Along with the react and duet features, the app feels very of the moment and interactive.

If you do want to download the app and have a play, it comes with lots of animation and video editing tools, plus heaps of sound effects and songs to play with. 

Most users on the platform are 24 & younger, so if you work with this age demographic you might want to give it a try. During the first half of 2019 it was the most downloaded app in the app store with 800 million downloads worldwide! It is definitely spreading and definitely doesn’t seem to be going away. 

Our main takeaway from playing around with it this month?

More fun. More machine. It’s Instagram: A Space Odyssey.


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