What content will show up most in a Facebook news feed?

Nearly 60% of social media users say they have no idea how Facebook decides what goes into their news feeds.

As people creating social media content for your organisation, it is important for you to understand what does and doesn’t show up on the platform.

Some new research of US news feeds has shown some interesting trends.

The three most common types of content to appear in Facebook news feeds are:

  • Posts without links
  • Posts from friends
  • Posts from a group recently joined


These three types of content make up 87.1% of all their newsfeed content.

Posts from friends and people followed made up a whopping 54.4% of the newsfeed, followed by Groups joined at 17.8%. Content in the newsfeed from Pages made up just 14.9%.



What should you learn from this?


Use links sparingly. Facebook doesn’t love it when you take people outside of their platform. When you do include a link, make sure it’s strategically important and you’ve built good engagement before sharing it.

Quality versus quantity. You’re better off creating less content but making it really impactful. If you only get a small chance to be seen in the feed let’s make sure it’s for something good not just something that was posted to fill space. 

Groups are a big underrated opportunity for causes. Is there a community or audience you can build inside a private group? 

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