We’re changing the world again!

Hold on to your hats, we have an announcement!

It’s a big one!

Are you ready?


We’re off to Brisbane!

Yes! We’ve conquered Perth (twice) and we’ve conquered Sydney (once), so it only seemed fair to spread the love further across Australia.

That’s right: we’re bringing our incredible Change the World event to Brisbane on March 21, for another full, free day of world-changing goodness.

These free, all-day events are fast becoming legendary across Australia, and Brisbane looks like being our best yet. Specifically created for not-for-profits, worthy causes, community organisations and social enterprises (all the good people, basically), Change the World is a digital-marketing summit with a difference.

It’s not a conference, seminar or training day. It’s not dull, colourless and boring. Boasting Australia’s most inspiring, energised and downright awesome storytellers, this event will leave you buzzing and ready to take on the world. We know this, because we’ve done it for hundreds of organisations already.

We have the best speakers in Australia covering the most relevant topics in digital marketing for worthy causes. You’ll come away full of ideas and totally reconnected to your cause. You’ll be ready to tell your story, loud and proud.

Yes, we feel pretty passionately about this event, and with good reason: it’s a world changer. Thing is, other people feel passionately about it too, which is why seats get filled up fast. Our Perth event was totally oversubscribed, and we had to open the back doors to let people get a glimpse of the action.

If you’re in or around Brisbane, register now! And if you know of good people in Brisbane, please let them know about this incredible event – they won’t want to miss it.

We can’t wait to see you at BTP Conference Centre, 1 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains, on March 21 from 8.45am!

You can register here: www.hancockcreative.com.au/ctwbrisbane

Spread the word, and change the world!

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