This is our story (and you’re in it!)

This week, I’d love to tell you our story. Some of you may already know it, most of you probably don’t. I want to tell you our story, because it impacts YOUR story. It’s the reason I send you emails every week, mentor hundreds of organisations, and lose entire nights’ sleep planning Change the World events around Australia!

My story

I started out as a journalist, editing various magazines and publications, until – in my early 30s – I came up with an idea for a one-stop-shop creative agency. I was only in business for three or four months when I was asked to pitch for the Government’s road safety campaign. That was a big turning point – me, at home in my pyjamas, working on a big government project for a big agency. When the road safety campaign saw fatalities drop for the first time in years, I realised that social media could have a big impact. Social media could save lives.

Hancock Creative begins

Three-and-a-half years into the business, Hancock Creative was asked to pitch for a social-media campaign for not-for-profits. We came back with a different proposal, offering more of an education model, with mentoring. Then we found out the benefactor was the Bankwest Foundation, and they loved the idea. That’s where we developed all the skills that we use for our current education programmes.

At around this time, I came to a crossroads, as I realised the business wasn’t scaling. I had two pieces of paper – I wrote on one everything in the business that made me happy, that I loved and was passionate about. On the other I wrote everything that made me angry, upset, frustrated; who I liked working with and who I didn’t.

At the end I realised I had a very clear list – on the left was all of our training, education, and our work with not-for-profits. On the other side was the agency stuff, working with corporates and business. It was such a clear division that I could draw the line.

We start to change the world

And so, in 2016, a new office space was found and Hancock Creative became 100% cause-focused. (This is where you come in.) Our vision at Hancock Creative is to make a difference. We can change the world. We can do things better.

I came to the clarity of knowing that I have a natural talent for storytelling. I can find the story in anything; I can find the angle and I can find the way to spin it. Instead of using that to interview celebrities or make a magazine money, or help small businesses build a better website, we can actually do it to change lives, and to physically save lives.

We’ve worked with people like Lifeline – if we can help them reach more people, then we’re literally saving lives. We’ve just started working with The Samaritans, too, for the same reason. That’s amazing to me, that we can just do what we’re naturally good at and apply that to an industry that needs our help.

Spreading the love

In 2016, we held our first free Change the World event in Perth, aimed at sharing information with organisations who perhaps couldn’t afford it. We really did take a risk, but there was a huge reward. There are so many people we can help; there’s so much impact we can have.

For this reason, we held our second Change the World event in Sydney in May 2017, and our third back in Perth in October 2017. We’re holding our fourth in Brisbane on March 21, which is less than a month away, and we’re currently planning a fifth in Sydney and a sixth in Perth, both this year! (You can register and pre-register here, if you’re interested!)

Our Change the World events are designed specifically for YOU, the not-for-profits and worthy causes of Australia. We understand what it means to operate in the NFP and worthy-cause space. We understand the challenges, the struggles and the daily frustrations of operating with a limited budget and a tiny team in a big-budget corporate world. We know exactly what you – the NFPs and the worthy causes – need to get bigger, better and bolder in the digital marketing world.

That’s why we bring the best speakers from across the country together for one day, in one venue, with the specific goal of teaching you how to do the very, very best for your organisation, by telling your unique story across social media.

We need your help

Our Change the World events are huge. They’re risky. They cost a lot of money and take a lot of time, but we believe they’re important. Our Change the World events are part of our grand plan to change one million lives.

Will you come along to BrisbaneSydney or Perth? Will you help spread the word to your fellow NFPs and worthy causes? Will you help us change the world?

Thank you so much!


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