The Tool That Will Give You a Weeks Worth of Content in Less Than 5 Seconds

Who’s ever heard of Answer the Public? If that’s you, well then, you probably saved yourself some immediate intimidation by not clicking on the link. If you did just click on the link – we’re sorry, maybe we should have warned you. Yes, there is a very angry looking bald man who likely had way too much coffee this morning popping up on your screen. Don’t take it personally, he really does want to help you we promise!

Answer the Public is a great tool for customer research. It allows you to find out what people search for on Google & Bing when using a specific keyword. “People type questions into Google that they’d never ask their Facebook friends or tell a customer research survey.” (Answer the Public). People might be turning to you because that’s what they want answered. If you are sitting down to prepare your editorial calendar, this should be your first stop. Forget what you think you know about your target audience, this is like reading their mind. Its powerful, it’s helpful, and it’s free! Plus, it’s wayyyy easier to use than Keyword Planner (Google take notes!).

Let’s walk you through an example. Say I work at an organisation that offers reproductive health consults and services across Australia. I’m about to plan out my content for the next month, and want to figure out what is really going to resonate with my audience. I know a lot of the people that come and visit our centre want to get birth control, so I’ll look up “birth control” as my first keyword phrase.


Search results for the keyword “Birth Control”

BOOM! With that simple search I have a multitude of real content ideas I can use right now to answer real questions that actual people are searching for the answers to online.

What might this look like?

  • On Monday, I can share an infographic with data we have collected on the number of our patients that have reported the following side effects from going on birth control. According to searches, my target audience wants to know if birth control… Will make their acne better? Make them hormonal? Make them gain weight? Make their boobs bigger? And help them with PMS.
  • On Tuesday I can start a blog series on birth control options that physically stop periods
  • On Wednesday I can update the questions section on my website’s FAQ page to improve our SEO
  • On Thursday I can host a Facebook Live on the different types of birth control options that are available in Australia
  • On Friday I can partner with one of the nurses that works in our clinic to produce a video for IGTV on the process to obtain birth control and costs associated with each type
  • On Saturday I can run an Instagram Poll asking our followers if they had any mood changes when they started taking birth control
  • On Sunday I can create a post for Facebook & Instagram on where birth control pills were invented and by whom.

And there you go. One week of valuable content ideas, informed by people’s real searches put together in mere minutes because of how easy to digest this tool’s data is. We seriously recommend you give it a try.

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