The time is now for Insta stories

Quick question! Are you using Instagram stories to their full potential?

What’s that you say? You’re not?

Get on it! Instagram stories are awesome! Not only are they really good fun, but they’re the big thing at the moment. In fact, in November last year, it was announced that Instagram stories had officially reached more than 500 million daily active users.

That’s a whole lot of user action.

Initially introduced simply to compete with the quick-fire Snapchat platform, Instagram stories enable users to post pictures and video to an album that disappears after 24 hours. Sound a bit silly? Yeah, perhaps, but it’s a fantastic way to improve your organisation’s engagement, visibility and content. Here’s why:

  • You don’t need to stress about creating top-quality content. Instead, you can share unedited snapshots and videos that capture your vision and values without taking a lot of time to create. Have fun! Be silly! And take heart in the knowledge that your story will disappear after 24 hours. (Unless, of course, you want to keep a particular story on your Insta profile, which you can totally do now.)
  • Stories help you stay “top of mind” – quite literally – because your story appears right at the top of the page, rather than being dependent on the tricky Instagram algorithm. You’re right there!
  • Stories create a true feeling of community, with their behind-the-scenes insights and glimpses. They offer easy engagement.

Because of its boom in popularity, Instagram has recently introduced a whole stack of shiny new story features, including:

  • The ability to add older content to stories, instead of just videos or images from the past 24 hours.
  • Superzoom, which lets you automatically zoom in on a set image.
  • The ability to view stories on the desktop version of Instagram, instead of just on a mobile.
  • Polls! My goodness, we do love polls.
  • The stop-motion camera feature, which should be rolled out soon!

Plenty enough reason to start having fun with Instagram stories, am I right? (Clue: yes!)

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