The Power of an Inspirational Story

When was the last time you saw an inspiring story and thought; I just have to share this with someone? It may be the subject of your next coffee catch up, or it may be on social media, but either way it makes you stop and think, even if it’s just for that extra few seconds. 

With the Paralympics starting this week, social media is full of feel-good stories, and incredible stories of overcoming adversity. 

Ibrahim Hamadtou, from Egypt, represented his country in table tennis, but the one key difference is that he threw the ball up with his foot, and held the racket between his teeth!

In this space, you guys have access to some fantastic stories and you need to be sharing them. 

Think about the last time you heard a story in the office and thought ‘Wow’. You’re exposed to these stories every day, so if you went wow, then chances are your wider community will definitely go wow. Plus, if you can make it relevant to a trending topic, this is even better, as Facebook prioritises content that it deems as relevant.

You may not always be able to show a photo of this person, but think of others ways you could share their story. Can you share a close up of their hand? Could you take a photo of them from behind so as not to identify them? Could you create a graphic to depict the situation? 

You all have great stories, and this week I challenge you to keep your eyes open and look for those wow messages and get them out to your audience –and of course, let me know how you go!

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