The naked truth

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on at Hancock Creative, it’s our radical transparency. With us, you get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. On that, you have our word.

With that in mind, we want to tell you the Hancock Creative story. All of it.

Hancock Creative is a profit-for-purpose. Although we don’t physically donate our profits to specific charities, we believe that our purpose is to build sustainability across the entire Australian cause sector. All our revenue goes back into having a bigger impact and changing the world.

Simply, we create fun, entertaining, accessible and affordable training programs that helps causes to grow. We aim to have a huge impact on the entire cause sector, from reducing suicide, to saving Asian wildlife; from supporting victims of domestic violence, to assisting the families of sick children and babies.

Our profits are pumped back into worthy causes to help them do their good work.

Here is an example of how we work: our big pro-bono commitment is to run a free training event called Change the World in different Australian cities throughout the year.

One of these events, on average, costs us around $40,000 to put on. That’s not small change!

Then, we give a little bit more. From each group of attendees, we seek out causes that we really resonate with, and offer grants towards those causes joining our year-long Gain & Retain social-media education and mentoring program.

This year, we committed up to $130,000 in grants just to Brisbane. The program also then opens to other causes who want to join (who don’t receive a funding grant, or at least, not from us).

Each intake then covers the cost of delivering the Gain & Retain program, and anything left over goes towards running the next free Change the World event.

Make sense?

I am SO PROUD that adding in our commitment to Brisbane we will be looking at having awarded $993,000 worth of grants to worthy causes around Australia.

That’s nearly $1 million to help change the world!

We’ve been lucky enough to have had the support of the Bankwest Foundation over the years, which has supported our drive to create training, webinars, seminars, workshops and all the information and advice that we like to make accessible to good causes of Australia.

If that’s not radical enough transparency for you, how’s this… this financial year, we’re estimating closing the year with $734 total profit.

There’s no missing zero there. And you know what? I love that. I love that our profits go back into helping more and more good causes. I love that we’ve grown between 70 and 80% every year over the last three years. I love that we’ve got a sustainable business model that will continue to grow and continue to have a huge impact.

Free, accessible education information is a huge part of what we do at Hancock Creative. Hosting Change the World is just a part of it.

We send out weekly nurture emails offering advice, hints and tips. We run a Change the World Facebook group. We’re building a social-media village called Cause Collective, where we’re offering the first month for free! We’re always on the phone, on email, and on Facebook messenger answering questions and offering advice.

We do this because we believe that knowledge is power, and that information should be shared. Yes, we have running costs, but we keep them as low as possible in order to make as big an impact as we can.

We love being a profit-for-purpose, and we love that you’re part of it!

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