The Instagram apps you need RIGHT NOW

It’s no secret that we’re totally obsessed with Instagram Stories.

We love Stories because they cut through the tricky Instagram algorithm (yay!), keep you at the very top of the Insta feed (double yay!) and – most importantly – provide you with an incredible opportunity to tell the REAL story of your organisation and offer little behind-the-scene glimpses and uncensored snapshots (triple yay!).

If you want to build engagement and that all-important community on Instagram, then Stories are the only way to go, frankly. Which is why, of course, we want you to make the most of them! We want you to create cool stories that promote your content and develop a connection with your audience.

How’re you going to do that? Well, it’s time to get downloading:


We’re having so much fun with CutStory for Instagram! It cleverly snips your videos into bite-sized Insta Story chunks (15 seconds each) so you can post a full narrative in short segments. It’s awesome! (It’s only available for iOS though, unfortunately, so humungous apologies to Android users.) It’s free, too!


It’s time lapse – but not as you know it. Using Instagram’s in-house stabilisation, Hyperlapse shoots the most incredible time lapse videos. When you shoot a time-lapse video with Hyperlapse, your footage is instantly stabilised to smooth out the bumps and give it a cinematic feeling. We love it for capturing the atmosphere at events or condensing a fundraising marathon down to a few seconds! Again, this one’s only available on iOS. It’s also free.


If you love cool typography, you’ll adore Wordswag as much as I do! Described as a “graphic designer in your pocket” – and available for both iOS and Android, it helps you create awesome custom text layouts in a matter of seconds. It costs $4.99.

Hype Type

You’re going to LOVE Hype Type. Again, it offers cool typography, but – wait for it – animates them, too. Choose different fonts and colours and then they are animated to move across your screen when posting. You can even add music over a video and crop your clip to the right dimensions. This one’s free, but unfortunately is only for iOS.

In Shot

New favourite app alert! In Shot is a great mobile editing app for video clips – it allows you to create borders in different colours around your images and videos, crop photos and trim videos, as well as create collages. In Shot lets you easily join videos together, add the speed and customise them with text, music, artwork, filters and voiceovers. It’s free! (But only for iOS.)

We’d love to see some of the Insta Stories you come up with! Tag @hancockcreative so we can take a look at your handiwork!

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