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Social Media Tactical Support

Have an upcoming fundraising campaign? Want to get the attention of the media in order to further advocate for your cause? Planning on setting up the Facebook Pixel or integrating Facebook’s Fundraising tool with your next crowdfunding campaign?

If you’ve hit a road-block and need one-off tactical support with a project that is just about to get off the ground, one of our highly-skilled mentors can help. Our Mentors in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne can be booked for one-off sessions to help you achieve a specific outcome that needs attention now.

You may need hands-on assistance during a busy period, or someone to lead you through laying out what the next 6-months will look like for your marketing. Talk to one of our Mentors about how they can help.

Girl Guides WA

"Since joining Hancock’s social media program, Girl Guides WA have increased their volunteer recruitment by a staggering 60%. With a previous conversion rate of around 1-2%, their rate has sky-rocketed to about 60%."

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