Start using Facebook stories (here’s how!)

Our love for Instagram stories is well documented, but we’re starting to feel the same about Facebook stories!

Stories – whether on Instagram or Facebook – are awesome, for the simple reason that they offer small, real insights into your organisation or cause. They’re not polished, shiny snapshots, but behind-the-scenes glimpses. They give your followers the chance to really get to know you!

There are a few reasons why we’re starting to love stories on FB, too. For a start, you can watch them on your desktop, rather than just your phone. That’s cool.

Then there’s the fact that not many people and/or pages are using FB stories yet. That’s great because it means you’re right there, in the stories feed, at the top of the screen. Yay!

The other reason is that you can post as many stories as you like, without fear of affecting your Facebook reach. The more the merrier!

So, how can you share your cause’s story on Facebook? Good question!

The quickest, easiest method is to share your Instagram story straight to Facebook. The good news is that you can easily do this on iOS.

(The bad news is that you can’t on Android. The other bit of bad news associated with sharing straight from Insta to FB is that you can’t see the stats associated with the story. And, um, Facebook stories don’t have the same functionality as Insta stories either. For instance, if you create a poll in your Insta story, it won’t appear over on Facebook. Teething problems, we hope!)

Anyway, if you want to STILL want to follow this method:

From your profile page, click ‘Settings’

Click ‘Story Settings’

Scroll down and switch on ‘Share Your Story to Facebook’

You can also create stories directly from the Facebook app:

Swipe right to open the camera

Create your story

Click ‘Next’

Click ‘Change’ next to your Facebook profile picture at the top of the screen

Select the page you want to add the story to

Click ‘Your Story’

Click ‘Send’

There’s another bit of bad news here, in that you can’t do this if your page is linked to Business Manager. We’re hoping this is a short-term glitch!

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