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Social Media Training - Not for Profit

You’re ready to take the next step in building a sustainable future for your cause. You understand how critical establishing a strong, on-brand digital presence is in reaching new donors, volunteers and strengthening your relationship with your current ones.

You’ve seen that there are over 18 million active users on social media in Australia.

Knowing that, what steps should you take next?

Hancock Creative has a range of social media training programs that are specifically targeted to not for profits. Alecia Hancock, our director, has worked with thousands of Not for Profits over the past five years. Our team can bring the knowledge and experience we’ve gained working with a variety of not for profits, of all sizes and causes to train you in exactly what you need to know to further your marketing efforts.

From one-off tactical campaign support to on-going year-long coaching and education programs like Gain & Retain, we train not for profits to be successful on social media.

Travis Fitch, 12 Buckets

"Without our volunteers, without people giving up their time to talk alongside our students, we wouldn’t have a program. Before we started the Gain & Retain program, we had about 35 volunteers. In just the last year, we’ve been able to build up that number to 77."

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