The BIG Four Template Package


This is the big one!

Jam packed with everything from our Epic Tools & Templates Starter Pack, Content Calendars for Not for Profit and Causes, the Seriously Good Storytelling Template Pack AND our Social Media Audit, this pack has EVERYTHING you need.

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Sometimes you just need a little bit help and at other times you need all the help you can get.

There are also times in life when more is better and this is one of them.


Introducing The BIG Four Template Package!


Jam packed with everything from our Epic Tools & Templates Starter Pack, Content Calendars for Not for Profit and Causes, the Seriously Good Storytelling Template Pack AND our Social Media Audit, this pack has EVERYTHING you need to supercharge your social media.


Epic Tool & Template Starter Pack – this one is designed to include all the tools & templates you need to get your social media off to a great start (or to make sure you are still on the right track!). With Strategy, Story & Content Resources and Moderator Tools (plus a few bonuses) this pack gives you a great overview of your organisation and will give you the confidence in knowing you have thought about all the different facets of social media management.


If content is your bug-bear, if you feel you spend hours trying to be creative and are feeling the pressure of content creation, then our 12 month Content Calendars for Not for Profits and Causes are just what you need. With over 365 days of ideas and inspiration, these Content Calendars will give you the head start you need to get planning. It’s well known that 1 hour of planning saves 10 hours of doing so planning is simply not something you can afford not to do!


There is no field where storytelling is more important than the not-for-profit and cause space. Telling stories allows you to create an emotional connection with your audience, which becomes imperative when you’re trying to elicit donations or attract volunteers. Our Seriously Good Storytelling Template Pack will help you get the creativity flowing for your organisation’s storytelling and help to ensure you are conveying the story of your organisation in a clearer more compelling way.


Not sure if your social media accounts are working for you or that you are getting the maximum results you could be? You are not alone. Our Social Media Audit will review your current accounts and identify what is working, what is failing and what can be improved expressly for the purpose of achieving the goals you have set for your social media.






Strategy Tools

Platform Overview Cheat Sheet
A quick and easy reference guide to the main social media platforms you need to use and how to choose the right one for what you need.

Ideal Audience Avatars
One of the most important tools to develop is a really specific, on point one page avatar summary for each of the target markets you’re speaking to.

Algorithm Roadmap
Ever felt frustrated by the social media algorithm? Why does that post go well but the next flops? Our algorithm roadmap will show you how the algorithm works and share some tips on how to make it work for you.


Story & Content Resources

Storytelling 101 Overview
This guide will demystify the art of storytelling and how to make your message memorable.

Storytelling Framework
This framework will show you how to tell your story succinctly and effectively to help your cause achieve its goals.

Elements of a Good Story Checklist
Each and every post should consist of the Elements of Good Storytelling. This simple checklist will ensure you are ticking all the boxes with every post.

Story Case Studies
Creating content but still unsure of how to compose, frame and deliver it effectively? Our Story Case Studies will help you to easily identify each of the elements of a good story so you can start using these in your storytelling.

How to De-identify Experiences for Stories
Many not for profit and cause organisations deal with high levels of privacy which can be perceived to impede good storytelling – this guide can show you how to take your clients experiences and de-identify them allowing you more freedom with storytelling and the ability to create connection with your audience.

Content Brainstormer
Why recreate the wheel every single month? Creating a great content brainstormer means you have one document you can return too every month with lists of ideas, thought starters, resources and other materials that will help you quickly generate content ideas to get you up and running.

Creating Your Own Branded Hashtags
Do you find hashtags to be this crazy enigma that that everyone else seems to understand but it’s still foreign to you? This handy guide will help to translate the hashtag language and help you to create hashtags for your organisation that assist to achieving your goals.

Monthly Content Planner
Our simple template will help you plan out your content at least 30-days in advance.

Posting Checklist
There are some do’s and don’ts when it come to creating a great post. Having a simple checklist to reference will remind you of what that looks like and will help you get it right when crafting your actual content.

Visual Design Guide
Different social media platforms and formats need different sized images to make the most of the space and the platform. A quick reference guide shows you what sized image plays well where and is a great quick reference as you build your content.

Top Tips for Using Stock Images
There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to using stock images. Having a simple guide and checklist to reference when selecting and using stock images and will help you get the most out of this amazing resource.

12 months of Content Calendars (August 2020 – August 2021)

  • over 365 days of content ideas planned out for you, ready to go!

12 months of Content Planning worksheets

  • ready for you to start adding your organisation specific ideas and posts


Moderator Tools

Page Guidelines
What is and isn’t okay on your page? If you don’t have page guidelines on your Facebook Page, it gets pretty hard to police what is and isn’t acceptable on your channel. A simple template will give you a great starting pint to flesh out your own set of rules.

Moderator Cheatsheet
There are so many settings on your Page. This simple cheatsheet will share with you the best practises for your settings and moderator guidelines.

Reporting Template
Don’t get lost in the numbers. Use our handy template to create a report that is impactful, useful and that helps you achieve success on your social media channels.


Audit Tools

Step 1:

Upon purchase you will receive our Social Media Audit PDF form.

  • Consider which social media accounts (to a maximum of 5) that you need audited and add the details of these accounts to the form.
  • Add your social media goals – this is a very important one. We want to make sure the audit we conduct is done with your goals in mind.

You’ll then submit your completed Social Media Audit PDF form back to us by email.


Step 2:

Within 3 business days our social media mentors and trainers will conduct the audit of your accounts.

When completed you will receive a confirmation email and book in for your Audit Review Consultation.


Step 3:

One of our social media mentors will complete the Audit Review Consultation with you over the phone or zoom.

  • we will clearly outline areas of strength, areas of improvement and suggest customised next steps for YOUR organisations based on YOUR goals



Bonus Gifts

The Bad Words Guide
This is the checklist you never knew you needed. This is your one stop shop guide to bad words and words that are bad for your brand. We’ve taken the ‘icky’ out of thinking about your own banned words list – use ours to make sure you protect your channel and brand.

Diversity & Inclusion Checklist
Make sure your brand is diversity and inclusion conscious and always puts the best foot forward online with this simple checklist.



There is some SERIOUS value in this amazing BIG Four Template Package. It has everything you need to supercharge your social media.



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