Poke-What? How Pokemon Go Can Help You Grow a Cause

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I am sure by now you’ve heard about the latest craze to sweep the world, Pokemon Go

The app, which sees people wandering around the real world to catch fictional creatures (Pokemon), has gained nearly the same amount of users as Twitter – and it launched last week! 

You’re probably wondering why on earth I am telling you this, when it has absolutely no relevance to not-for-profits. 

The thing is, it really does!

If people are going crazy for something, then you’d be silly to waste an opportunity to engage with something people are already talking about. 

The first opportunity is to jump in and join the conversation. Here is what the Cat Haven did this week. They Photoshopped one of their cats to look like Pikachu (a Pokemon), wrote the caption ‘caption this’ and the engagement was crazy high.

The other key opportunity is to see what PokeStops or PokeGyms are nearby. If you’re lucky enough to be one, this is a HUGE opportunity for you to engage with foot traffic, build awareness and even fundraise.

One pizza shop in the US spent a $3 per hour to put a ‘lure’ (something that attracts Pokemon) on their store to attract customers. He started selling Pokemon pizza by the slice, and made a 100 times return.

If you have a stop or gym in your area, this is a chance to spread the word about what you do, or even shake a tin to raise some money. Get creative guys!

So this week I challenge you to take advantage of the epic amount of interest and foot traffic this app is getting, and find a way to make it relevant to your organisation and your audience.

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