Our Story

Our Social Impact

Hancock Creative is a business with purpose. We believe telling stories can change the world. Our goal is to create a sustainable future for social enterprises, community groups and not for profits.

That’s why we’ve created accessible, fun and affordable training for organisations of all sizes that do good things.

Our training allows you to grow awareness on a limited budget, raise funds, attract employees and volunteers, and build impactful partnerships. Together, we can impact millions of lives by building a solid foundation for causes in Australia.

Our beginnings…

Hancock Creative started in 2010 after Alecia bravely decided to pursue a path of purpose over profit. After spending 15 plus years working as a journalist for both magazine and newsprint, she worked on a campaign for slowing drivers down that directly resulted in the first reduction in road deaths in seven years.  It was a moment of chilling clarity. A moment when Alecia decided that she wanted her unique skill-set as a journalist and marketing specialist to directly impact the sort of change she wanted to see in the world. She said goodbye to a lot of Hancock’s corporate clients and focused on finding ways that the company could bring ad-agency quality work to causes with shoestring budgets. And level the playing field by making digital marketing training accessible and open to organizations of all sizes.

Our Journey…

To say the path has been an easy one wouldn’t be telling our story. And wouldn’t be doing it justice. Our purpose is to tell the stories that change the world and we achieve that by providing affordable and accessible education to worthy causes. We believe social media and digital marketing is currently the greatest opportunity for causes to make real change and get real results – while building capacity to make that change sustainable.

Our future…

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish while living our values as a company. More than 9,000 people have registered for the free training at our Change The World Events. We’ve helped 230 organisations attract new volunteers, fundraise more effectively and increase their reach through our Gain & Retain program. We’ve spoken in front of hundreds of local councils, peak bodies, NGOs and NFP organisations to upskill their people to feel confident activating their communities online. We’ve just started opening these events up to individuals who want access to this kind of education online. We have even recently launched an online school to teach you step by step how to move confidently as the marketing manager for a special cause in the constantly changing world of social media.


Girl Guides WA

"Since joining Hancock’s social media program, Girl Guides WA have increased their volunteer recruitment by a staggering 60%. With a previous conversion rate of around 1-2%, their rate has sky-rocketed to about 60%."

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