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Since Hancock Creative started in 2010 we’ve helped thousands of organisations change the world. Isn’t that crazy?!

If you want to see our blend of crazy spread across the whole world, check out our Impact Map below. You can find exactly where the impact of our work has been felt globally. Plus, we’re really, really proud of it because our mission is to help 1,000,000 people worldwide. It’s kind of our reminder why we take those 8 pm phone calls from a client, bind those 100 Gain & Retain manuals and have email chains with about 40 venues to lock in Change the World.

We’ve given away $1,589,388 in Gain & Retain training grants.

We’ve invested $487,150 in putting on 15 Change the World events with more than 9,000 registered for a FREE ticket to receive social media training.

Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

"Finding volunteers can be a difficult and expensive process. Since joining Gain & Retain they have successfully and cost-effectively gained new volunteers to make a difference to the lives of sick children."

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