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The most comprehesive program for confidently building your awareness, fundraising or volunteers using social media.

The Social Media Strategy School is the only implementable online learning program of its kind, that not only shows you exactly how to create your customised social media strategy - but how to put it into action to grow the impact of your organisation.

You have access to a 7-module portal where our Director, Alecia Hancock walks you through lessons and tutorials.

We bring nine years of experience in the cause-based space to teach you only what you need to know to have your online marketing thrive. You’ll have access to an exclusive help desk, where you can ask all your difficult questions and know that they will be answered with diligence and care.

At the end of the course, you will feel confident leading your organisation’s social media presence. You will have a clear strategy mapped out with tangible tactics to support your decision making in the months to come. You’ll be able to measure what success looks like so you can report back that you are kicking butt achieving your goals of raising more funds, attracting more quality volunteers and maintaining an engaged audience with your cause!

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"Tourism Australia ambassador, Maxi on their Instagram they were able to increase their web traffic by over 1000%. Bringing on one of Australia’s biggest lifeguards to post about their cause worked wonders and increased the LLS account with 100 new followers over 7 days."

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