My Post-It Content Planning Strategy

If you are in charge of your organisation’s social media – there is one thing you need to get good at. 

Content planning.

I know what you’re thinking. 

… I don’t have time to content plan!
… I don’t have enough ideas!
… I’ve tried to do it, but can’t keep it up consistently! 

Trust me, I’ve heard them all.

That’s why today, I want to share with you my foolproof tip to getting you started to effective content planning. 

I call it the Post-It Content Planning Method.

Here is how it works.

  1. Get a pack of post-it notes and keep it on your desk or in your bag.
  2. Good ideas NEVER strike when you try to force them. They come in the shower, in the car or when you’re procrastinating on doing something else. So throughout the month, every single time a thought pops into your head and you think “that could be a good post” or “that is something I should share” – scribble the idea on a post-it.
  3. Stick the completed post-its on a wall, your desk or in a notebook.
  4. Rinse & repeat. The post may be fully formed or just a topic. It doesn’t matter.
  5. When you’re ready to start next month’s content plan, grab a whiteboard or a big sheet of paper and draw up a 30 day calendar. Take your post-it ideas and stick them on your calendar. Move them around until you have a nice mix of topics and ideas.
  6. Ask yourself – is anything missing? Have I missed any days/events/program launches/themes? Do I have a good mix of post formats? Is there content there for people who have found us for the first time and content for long-term followers? Fill in any gaps.
  7. Take your brand-spanking new 30 day planner and turn the post-its into completed posts.
  8. Schedule them using Creator Studio or your scheduling tool.

Now celebrate, because your one month content plan is DONE!

It sounds deceptively simple and IT IS. 

But whenever I challenge clients to do this, no matter how sceptical they are at the start, by the end of the month they are blown away by how many ideas they have collected.


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Happy Planning!

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