Influencers and why you need them!

There’s a lot of talk about influencers recently, with good reason – everyone’s got one! From massive brands to little old charities, everyone has a well-known face touting their wares.

Influencers tend to get HUGE engagement. This is because they’ve built a community, or a village. When they speak, people listen and talk back, which is quite useful if you’ve got a message you want to get out.

Yes, most big-name influencers charge big-name money to promote big-name brands. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re not a big-name brand with a big-name budget. That’s okay! Neither are we! That’s how we know about a smaller sub-species of influencer called the micro-influencer. They may not be regulars on breakfast television and magazine covers, but they’ve got huuuuuuuge reach in social-media land, and tend to support causes that they’re passionate about, rather than those they’re paid to support. From a not-for-profit point of view, this is where you need to be!

The trick is to find the influencer who best matches your community. Delve into Instagram hashtags – there may be a blogger using your organisation’s name, or cause, or even just have a likeminded approach to life. Scour Facebook, searching for subjects that match your organisation’s values. Google!

Then, find out their name rather than their pseudonym. Find out what they’re into and what they’ve blogged about recently. Build up a relationship – like their pictures on Instagram, comment on their posts on Facebook – before you jump in with the hard sell. Prove that you know who you’re talking to.

Then, when you do ask, don’t ask too much. Remember that although you’re not paying them – and that they generally don’t expect payment – their time is still valuable. Give a little something back.

Build up a relationship, nurture it, and watch how everyone ends up a winner!

Good luck!

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