If you build it, they will come

Our clients are kicking all kinds of goals at the moment, and I wanted to share their successes with you!


I want you to learn from these successes! I want to share these wins so that you can replicate and adapt these tried-and-tested techniques to grow your own good causes.

So here goes!

In mid May, Zonta House Refuge in Perth did a call out for essentials – things such as underwear, pyjamas and hairdryers, etc. The results were staggering: the Facebook post reached close to 12,000 people and was shared 187 times, with the result that Zonta received just what they were asking for, and were able to help many, many women in crisis.

Why do I think this post worked so well, for $0 advertising spend?

A couple of reasons: first, Zonta have been doing an incredible job of storytelling in the last few months. They’ve been giving, giving, giving, meaning that when they do ask, their engaged, receptive community sit up and listen.

Secondly, they asked people to like and share the Facebook post in the image (created in Canva), rather than in the post itself. This is big one! The Facebook algorithm tunes into words such as “like” and “share”, and demotes posts that are using them. “Hiding” those words in the image is a smart move!

Another success comes from our friends at Boab Health, who did a call out for new board members. As Boab’s directors have to reside in the Kimberley region of WA, they usually only advertise for new board members in the local newspaper, and don’t always get a response.

This year, Boab supplemented the print advert with a call-out on Facebook for board members, asking people to share with friends who might be interested. Again, they used Canva to create a graphic for the post.

The result? Boab ended up with six well-qualified people applying, and 2 of the 3 successful candidates appointed to the board had found out about the opportunity on Facebook, through friends sharing the post!

Finally, let me tell you about Tiny Sparks WA, who set themselves a goal of raising $4350 before the end of the financial year. (They chose a really specific amount because apparently people are more likely to donate if there’s a precise figure!)

Amber at Tiny Sparks made the decision to fundraise for a tangible thing rather than to just ‘raise money’. She chose the parents’ accommodation at King Edward Maternity Hospital, where mums can stay if their babies are in NICU.

With a month to go until EOFY, Amber started a fundraising campaign.

Instead of just asking people to donate, she involved them in the campaign. She offered her own personal experience of the Agnes Walsh accommodation, and then gave a call to action.

For three weeks, Amber continued the campaign across her social-media channels, paying particular attention to Instagram stories. She’d go shopping at Kmart and ask her followers which colour bedding they’d choose!

The result? She did it!

$4350 in just three weeks, with HUGE engagement across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The secret to these successes was making people feel as though they were contributing to a good, specific thing, rather than a random concept. If you build a community around your campaign, you’ll reap the rewards!

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