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If you are like most of our clients, you’re not quite 100% sure what you need help with. You’d like to go from point A to point B and have seen other organizations that are already there. You’re just not sure what steps they took to get there.

Whether it’s attracting more high-quality volunteers, increasing your donations year-over-year or elevating the profile of your org so you can access funding more easily, social media might be the opportunity that you are missing.

If you are an individual, working for a special cause, be it a charity, not for profit or social enterprise there are a variety of options based on how much time you have to dedicate to building your marketing skills.

Check out Gain & Retain for long-term capacity-building, where you are guided through the process of crafting your story, identifying your audience, building your strategy and launching campaigns on social media over a 12-month period.

Check out our Online School for self-paced learning that will equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to steer the marketing ship of your organization. Usually, participants will space this over 2-6 months, so they can implement their learnings in the space they work.

Check out our training calendar for workshops to upskill in specific areas that are crucial to marketing and social media. These one-off tactical seminars focus on walking you through step-by-step how to do things like setting up Facebook fundraising, analyse your data to refine your messaging or get all your content scheduled in a few hours a week.

Check out Cause Collective for low-cost, ongoing support with streamlining your marketing efforts. A space to ask questions, connect with experts in the field and stay motivated and on track with achieving your goals.

Tiny Sparks WA

"We raised $4350 with HUGE engagement across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The trick to this incredible success was choosing not to fundraise to ‘raise money’, but for something more tangible. Instead of asking people to donate, Tiny Sparks involved them in the campaign."

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