Welcome to our Hero-in-training Nomination Page!

A hero-in-training is what we call our amazing participants in the Gain & Retain Program, as you guys will be the ones championing the program and helping your organisation move forward. You guys are pretty awesome, and we know you’re definitely heroes ready to change the world.

So who should you choose to be your organisation’s heroes-in-training? Each organisation gets two heroes-in-training, and they should be the people who are chomping at the bit to learn about, and put into practice, skills around storytelling, social media, and digital marketing.

Nominating your two heroes-in-training is easy, and all done on the form below. First off you’re choosing your primary hero-in-training. This person will be:

  • Our first point of contact when we need to reach your organisation
  • Will be invited to book in the Mini Strategy Session
  • Will be invited (and reminded monthly) about booking in your mentor sessions
  • Receive all the education, training, mentoring and support

Go ahead and add their details below, and then click next.

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