Great Graphics and Standing Out on Social

It’s pretty challenging to stand out on social media, right? Crazy amounts of new content is published every second. So how do you get yours to cut through?

Use great graphics! Facebook says posts with graphics get 3.2 times more engagement such as likes, comments and clicks, and HubSpot has found that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared online.

Visual content can be an inspirational quote, funny meme or GIF (a modern day flipbook of images), basically anything that will catch the eye of newsfeed scrollers.

So how can you include visuals in your posts?

  1. Design beautiful quote graphics with great iPhone apps like Wordswag
  1. Search for GIFs here or make your own at (it’s actually really fun!)
  1. Create your own funny meme or share someone else’s, like this one…(the shares and likes speak for themselves!)

So get creative and some have fun creating an eye catching visual for your next post.

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