Get Great Cheap (or free) Images for Social Media

Statistics show us a great photo on social media can increase the engagement by up to 10 times, so choosing the right photo is a must. Unfortunately, not of all of us have the budget for a professional photographer or even high end stock catalogues. That’s why we’ve created a list of some of our top tips and favourite resources for free or low cost images.

Snap Them Yourself
Always the best option, as there is no question of copyright, and the photo is completely unique and relevant to your business. You don’t need a fancy camera or lots of experience to take a nice photo. Just make sure it is well lit (natural lighting outside or from a window is fine), framed centrally in the photo and there is no mess or clutter in the background. Smart phones take great quality images these days.

Buy Royalty Free Photos
What is a royalty free photograph? It means a photo you can buy at one flat rate, or membership fee. It is essentially free of royalties – so there are no additional fees if you use the photo again. Many stock images are royalty free and these offer an affordable option.

Here are some of our favourite royalty free sources: This great site enables you to search for high quality free stock photos – with a wide range of categories to choose from. iStock by Getty Images enables you to search millions of royalty free images and illustrations. 10 image one month subscription is available from $40. Search millions of stock photos (as well as videos and music tracks) for instant download. Shutterstock’s entire collection of images is royalty-free. Search for free and premium images, with a range of categories to choose from. This site has a large collection of free stock photos, with new images added daily. Hundreds of high resolution images are added to this site every week – with all photos free from copyright restrictions. Subscribe for 10 new photos to be sent to your inbox every fortnight. A beautiful range of free high resolution photos. Search a wide range of images and illustrations with this easy-to-use site, which allows you to search simply via category or key word.

*Note: Ensure you read the terms and conditions for image use for each site, as well as the subscription terms and conditions.

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