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If you’re reading this page, you’re someone who wants to make a difference. You work for a cause-based organisation like a not for profit, social enterprise or community group and you have big goals for growing awareness, getting funds, corporate sponsors, attracting volunteers/staff and achieving your goals.

You also are someone who is keen to learn and isn’t afraid to try to something new. You know that any skills you learn can be used to impact thousands of lives for the better.

You are the people Gain & Retain was created for!

We as an organisation have one goal – to change the world for the better. We believe that teaching causes to grow their impact by showing them how to communicate, market and connect with people in today’s digital world can create sustainability for the cause sector in our lifetime.

You know you have a powerful story. Our job is to find it and teach you how to tell it, to grow your audience, measure the results, manage your risk and – ultimately – have a bigger impact on the world.

Who is it for?

Hancock Creative’s Gain & Retain program is designed to solve the biggest challenges facing cause organisations – not for profits, charities and social enterprises. We work with organisations large and small across Australia- in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

The program helps causes build a sustainable future by showing you how to market and measure ROI in a digital world. Our members have big fundraising goals, need new volunteers or to retain the ones they have, they need to attract customers, advocate for their cause and build awareness.

Gain & Retain will teach you how to tell a powerful story, with the practical hands on skills for grow a cause organisation and the proven steps to implement.


About the Program

The Gain & Retain program has been designed to teach you how to gain and retain all the good things in your organisation – funds, people, supporters, customers, partners and audience.

The 12-month program will grow you and your capability and experience as an individual, while creating long-term capacity and opportunities for your organisation.

This journey is split into four key steps:


1. Tell Your Story

Uncover the stories that already exist in your organisation and develop a cohesive and unified strategy of how to tell them efficiently and inexpensively. You will get a strong understanding of all the story-telling platforms available in today’s digital world, and which ones best suit your organisation and your audience. Learn how to use them, get the most out of them and understand what your audience wants. Start telling a powerful story from your first day in the program and see the results.


2. Build Your Audience

Now you understand your story, we will help you understand exactly who your audience is, what motivates them and teach you practical and tested methods to attract them to your cause. This section of the program covers different ways to build an audience across platforms, how to run advertising campaigns, and building an audience on a shoestring.


3. Manage Risk &
Maximise Reward

By now you’ve begun growing your cause, so this section of the course focuses on how to get the most out of the community you’ve built with authentic engagement strategies. It also looks at anticipating and preparing for digital risk, including identifying and understanding potential issues, the law, and a simple process for managing issues and avoiding potential problems.


4. Build a
Sustainable Future

The key to every worthy cause is sustainability, so this section of the program focuses on how to build long-term skills, knowledge and capacity in the organisation. This takes in financial budgeting, training and long-term planning to make sure all elements of the programs are implemented into your cause for the future.

Break Down of the Program:

The program includes education from industry experts including Alecia Hancock (award-winning journalist and social media manager), Nick Bowditch (former Facebook and Twitter marketing employee), lawyers, crisis management specialists, and much more – including experts such as Google representatives and the former social media manager from Jetstar

All members receive a combination of full day training events, online interactive workshop style training, one-on-one personal mentoring, and ongoing implementation support.

Over the first half of the program, you develop a living strategy document. It spells out exactly how you’re going to tell your story, where, why and how. This book becomes your bible for communicating with your audience and supporters. It is informed by education from leading industry experts – and your own team.

  • Fully documented, customised strategy plan for your organisation’s social media
  • 24-hour 7-day a week access to online training portal, for 2 years
  • 4 x full day events with leading industry experts
  • Monthly 2-hour Success Sessions with a Gain & Retain mentor
  • 6 x interactive Knowledge Building Webinars
  • 12 x Social Success Emails with tips, training, and further education delivered direct to your inbox
  • Exclusive access to the Gain & Retain Facebook Community

….and more

Keen to find out more?

Gain & Retain has fixed intakes twice a year (commencing February & July).

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