Find your WHY and change the world

As you probably already know, we work only with NFPs and worthy causes at Hancock Creative. When we begin our year-long Gain & Retain social-media mentoring program with a team of new clients, we kick off by finding out their “why”.

In fact, we bring the incredible Nick Bowditch over to find out the “why”, ‘cos he has this uncanny knack of getting people to open up and tell their story. It’s his thing.

Why the “why”? Because once we find out your why, we can help you tell your story. As Nick says, no one accidentally starts working for an NFP or worthy cause. Fact is, you could be doing the same job for a corporate and earn three times as much money. People work for NFPs because of a deep-rooted, heartfelt desire to change the world, regardless of the salary (which more often than not, is nothing at all!).

On Wednesday, we held our first full training day for our new intake of Perth Gain & Retain clients. Sixty lovely people – representing around 30 different organisations – took their place and listened as Nick told us his why, before asking the room theirs. They started off hesitatingly and haltingly, naturally holding back and saying things like: “Because we are a generic care provider offering a generic service.”

“No,” Nick replied. “Don’t hide behind your organisation. Not ‘we’. Why do YOU do what you do?”

Slowly, guards began to slip.

“Because I want to give other children the opportunities I didn’t have.”

“Because I want to give other children the opportunities I did have.”

“Because I know depression and anxiety.”

“Because I’ve been lost and alone.”

“Because I had a baby born at 25 weeks.”

“Because I lost too many people to suicide.”

“Because I want to get people talking about mental health.”

“Because I had a sick child.”

“Because I believe no one should be hurt by another person.”

“Because I want to empower women and girls in the developing world.”

“Because I want to show people that their lives aren’t limited by their disability.”

“Because there’s something deep inside me that wants to do good.”

“Because I didn’t want to make money for the corporates anymore.”

“Because I see myself in those disadvantaged children.”

“Because I know their trauma. Their story is my story.”

“There’s your story,” Nick responds. “Share that story, and you’ll build your community.

“Stories tie causes to communities and communities to causes.”

Stories, you see, are what bind us together, as humans, as individuals, as a community. Share your story, and when you need volunteers, donors and supporters, they’ll be there, ready and willing to help you and your cause. Share your why, and others will find their why, too.

If you’ve ever had the chance to hear Nick speak, you’ll know that he’s nothing short of inspirational, embodying everything we stand for at Hancock Creative. He will, of course, be speaking at our Change the World event in Sydney on May 29, and in Perth in October, as well as to anyone that joins Hancock Creative on its world-changing mission, whether that be as part of the Gain & Retain program or our new Cause Collective (watch this space!) program.

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