Did you know you can change this Facebook Messenger setting?

I love it when I come across a useful and easy social media trick. This week Matt Navarra shared a way to get more control over who ends up in your Facebook Messenger inbox and who goes to the spam.

I have to say this has been a bug bear of mine for a while. Even though I delve into the spam folder from time to time, I’m often frustrated to find messages in there from clients or someone I really wanted to hear from.

There is a really easy way now to change who will land straight in your messenger inbox.

If you’re on your desktop/laptop, login to your Facebook and go to the messenger icon at the top right. Click the three dots for your settings. Like this…



Click on the option that says Message delivery settings.

Scroll down this new page until you find the options for How You Get Message Requests. Click edit to change any of the options and decide who you want to go to your inbox and who you don’t. 

Hey presto – no more contacts ending up in spam!

A big shoutout to Matt Navarra for sharing this gem with us.

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