Building relationships on social media

I’m sure you know by now, that social media is so much more than drafting your content and clicking ‘Post’.

A successful social campaign does not just publish content – you need to interact with your supporters. If you do not, your page (and therefore your brand or organisation) can appear to lack personality.

So, how do you build relationships via social effectively?

Invite conversation
Asking a question is the simplest way of inviting conversation on social. After all, it tells your followers that you want to hear from them! They don’t have to always be really hard-hitting ‘let’s solve the world’s problems’ questions either. Simple things like where your followers are from, or even a fun question (even better if it is related your cause) can be great opportunities for engagement.

Respond to your supporters
Respond to both messages and comments – it not only potentially builds relationships with your followers, but increases the engagement of your page. This might be answering a question they have asked or simply thanking a follower for their comment/encouragement.

Mix it up!
Don’t get into the habit of posting the identical content across all your social platforms. Remember, your audience differs depending on each platform. So, ensure you have a good understanding of each platform and your followers on each platform so you can tailor your posts accordingly.

Happy relationship building!

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