Blogging! Should you? Could you?

First up, let me preface this by saying that I KNOW you’ve got limited time and limited resources and you’re already asking: HOW COULD I POSSIBLY FIT BLOG WRITING INTO MY ALREADY PACKED SCHEDULE?

And my answer is this: it could be well worth you making time to blog. Putting aside an hour a week – even an hour a month – to write a 300- to 400-word blog could be SO valuable to your cause.

Still need persuading? Okay, listen up!

  1. Blogging is the backbone to all social-media content. One blog can lead to STACKS of content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can even repurpose your blog for infographics and emails to your database. A single blog goes a very, very long way; think of each paragraph as a social-media post in itself.
  2. Not only can a blog draw traffic back to your organisation’s website, it can help boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which is key to customers finding out about you.SEO affects the placement of your organisation in the search results page when someone Googles you – a higher SEO gives you a higher ranking.
  3. Blogging is a powerful tool to showcase a side of your organisation that isn’t always otherwise accessible.The Starlight Foundation is a great example of a not-for-profit organisation that utilises their blog to share heartfelt stories about brave patients.Check out this powerful story about Lauren’s Starlight Wish and how the Starlight Foundation went the extra mile to make her wish come true.
  4. A blog gives you another opportunity to network with your target audience.You can tell people about events and volunteering opportunities, give them the chance to sign up to your email database, provide them with content to share on their own social-media platforms and – finally – give you a platform to shout about your services WITHOUT worrying about the pesky Facebook algorithm!
  5. A blog can provide valuable education to your community – cheat sheets, downloadable resources, advice, hints and tips are all fabulous for blogs (and coveted by members of your community). They also go a long way to showcasing your credibility.

So there you go: a few great reasons to at least consider blogging. What do you reckon? Will you give it a go?

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