Back to Basics Part 2: The Five Elements of a Great Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is probably THE cornerstone of your organisation’s social media presence.

Therefore, you want to make sure you get it right. It might be someone’s first interaction with your brand, or where they go to make sure you are legit and someone they can trust. In this post, we’re running through the 5 elements of a great Facebook Business page.

This is part two in our three part back to the basics series. We’re running you through where to start with setting up your Facebook presence. Our last post explained why you need a Facebook Business page, and the advantages compared to a personal one or a group. Now that we’ve convinced you that a business page is the right way to go, this post will lay out exactly what you need to do to set up a great business page.

The Five Elements:

1. The first, most basic thing you want to make sure you have in place is the right name for your page! We recommend to our clients to use the same name across platforms so that you are easy to find and consistent. That means your Instagram handle, Twitter profile and LinkedIn page should all have the same name as your Facebook page. Sometimes this isn’t possible if another company already has a page in that name, but getting it as close as possible is key. Think about your audience. How are they going to find you? Are they going to be searching for “North Perth Netball” or “Community Netball Perth.” This is going to be the most key aspect in how people find your page, so think like your consumer and name your page accordingly.  

2. An epic cover photo. Think of your cover photo like the cover of your book. Are people going to want to open up to your first page and hear what you have to say when they land on your Facebook? Your cover photo (or video!) needs to be on brand, visually compelling and to spec. Facebook cover photos should be 851 pixels by 315 pixels. They should be high resolution, not too text heavy and hopefully make an immediate emotional connection with the viewer. Canva has a great selection of Facebook Cover Photo templates that you can use.

Facebook Cover Photo


3. Your profile picture should feature your branding. That tiny little circle in the corner of your Facebook page is where your logo should live. Upload a high resolution and appropriately cropped version of your logo that perfectly fits in the profile. The ideal size is 360 pixels by 360 pixels. Make sure that you aren’t cutting off any letters if you are including your slogan or brand name.

4. Make sure you fill in your about section. Your Facebook Business page about section is a bit like a mini biography. It is where you introduce yourself digitally to new people who want to learn more about the work that you do. Make sure the information you add here is complete, accurate and interesting. It’s important to note that the category you choose for you organisation determines which information fields are offered for you to fill in. So, if you choose a category, then it seems like all the questions in your about section are totally unrelated to the work you do, try selecting another one to see if that is a better fit. A good about section will list your location, operating hours, contact info, links to your website and other social profiles. It will also tell a short story of who you are, your mission, vision and values so that people can get a quick overview of who you are as a brand.

5. Finally, your choice of sidebar tabs. Surprisingly, those sidebar tabs that you see on a page were actually decided on by the page owner. There are some that you see on every single page, like “posts” or “videos” but then others that you can decide whether or not to include. How you change which tabs you want to include (which essentially organises all of your information) is to head to the settings tab in your page and click on the “templates and tabs” bar on the left. Don’t worry, we’ve included screenshots below! From there, you can decide which navigation options to give your followers so they can or cannot find information like reviews or groups.

Good luck with creating that Facebook page!

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