Are you ready for Change the World?

Change the World Melbourne is only a week away and we’re so excited! The event is already waitlisted, so we KNOW it’s going to be huge!

As the first Change the World event to be held in Melbourne, we know you don’t really know what to expect – but we can help with that! Time and time again we’re told how people walk away from these events with so many ideas, so we thought we’d share some top tips on how to get the most out of the day.

  • Bring a notepad or laptop to take notes. We provide a booklet with information about our speakers and some space for notes, but believe us; you will want to take as many notes as possible. Our speakers give some amazing tips and advice!
  • Please have a chat to the Hancock Creative staff and the Change the World speakers – we don’t bite! We would love to hear about your cause.
  • Use the event as a networking opportunity. Every person who attends Change the World is just like you – world-changers! They work or volunteer for a worthy cause, not-for-profit or social enterprise. They wear many hats. They are trying to make the world a better place. So, talk to the other attendees; there could be some amazing potential for collaboration.
  • Use your phone. That’s right. We do not make you turn off your phone when you come into the venue (although keeping it on silent would be great out of respect for our speakers). However, we want you to use your phone during the day. Ensure your phone is fully charged and have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn at the ready so you can instantly start to use some of the tips our speakers will be giving. Please take lots of photos of the event, using the hashtag #changetheworldevent because we love to get a glimpse of the event from the view of our attendees. Tag us in your pics, too! We’re @hancockcreative on Insta, FB and LinkedIn.
  • Stay full and hydrated. Pack some snacks and bring water with you. We also recommend you suss out some lunch options on the way in so you know exactly where you want to head during the lunch break. Then you can promptly get back to the venue for some more networking.
  • Upgrade to VIP. We have a few VIP seats left (for only $147) and this is by far the best way to get the most out of the day! You’ll get priority access; front-of-venue seating, take-home goodies and you’ll be able to meet our amazing speakers.

I can’t wait to see you there! Please come with an open mind and an open heart. This event is incredible and I know you are going to walk away inspired and motivated (with some great tools and tips) to help your cause grow.

Not in Melbourne? That’s all good! We’re heading to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in May! You can pre-register here.

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