5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Engagement

Does your Facebook engagement need a bit of a boost? You’re not alone. Organic reach on Facebook has been dropping every single year, but there are still things you can do to give it a nudge in the right direction.


Got a Big Announcement?

If you’ve got a really important post to share, make sure the post you share before it is designed entirely for the purpose of getting engagement. Make it the thing you think your audience is most likely to comment on or react to. Organically, this means your important post will be seen by more people when it goes out. 


Talk to the Human Condition

Sometimes when we look at our Facebook audience we see a crowd. Don’t forget that within that crowd are individual people, who most likely follow you because you have some key things in common. Creating a post that talks to the things you have in common is an awesome way to increase engagement. Are your audience bird lovers? Share your funniest bird watching story. Are they parents? Empathise with the first week back at school challenges.


Go Live

Facebook prioritises Live video over any other post format. If you haven’t gone Live in a while (or never) it’s time to get it on your schedule. Host a live Q&A with your team, talk about the impact and outcomes from your last big fundraiser and what your audience helped you achieve, talk about your vision for the future. 


Let People in Behind the Scenes

People love to connect with other people and see what is happening in your world. It may not seem that interesting to you, but this kind of content is social media gold. Share a fun story about something that happened at work today. Tell them about a moment that reminded you why you do what you do. Share a photo of your desk! One of our client’s top performing posts was a video that walked their audience from the front door all the way through their office pointing out interesting things along the way. 


Know What Works

The best way to increase engagement is to look at your Facebook Insights. In the last 30 days, which posts have had the best reach and engagement and which had the lowest? This should really quickly tell you what to do more of (and less of!). Pick out the best performing posts and work out what you could do similar in the next 30 days.

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