5 New Social Media Changes You Need to Know & May Have Missed

There have been so many new changes in the world of social media the last few months, you might be finding it hard to keep up. Here are our top 5 things you need to know and may have missed.

Facebook About Pages are Going Away

Our clients have been receiving automated notifications from Facebook that their About Pages are going away on February 28. If you haven’t already moved your story from here into your additional information section yet – then we suggest you get on that before the end of the month or you could lose it.

Apple IOS Changes will Impact Facebook Ads

If you’ve bought ads in the past month, you would have seen a message letting you know about the impact of the Apple IOS changes. 

In a nutshell, Apple is changing the privacy settings with their new software release and it means less data will be shared with Facebook. If you rely on your Facebook Pixel or custom audience targeting for your ad campaigns, things will get harder and you will need to be across the changes. If you’re not buying ads now or aren’t doing advanced ad targeting – this won’t impact you right now. 


Instagram New Frequently Asked Questions Feature

Instagram is testing a new feature that will let you save four frequently asked questions to your account. When people go to chat to you those 4 questions will be available immediately for people to select. 

Give some thought now to what the most frequent questions you get or where you want to get attention. For example your questions could be:

  • How do I make a donation?
  • What impact does your organisation have?
  • Can I find out more about volunteering?
  • What services do you offer for NDIS customers?

Keep your eye out for the feature rolling out to your account soon.


Instagram Shopping in Reels

Instagram shopping has been around for a while, but you can now add items for sale to your reels. As reels are being tipped as the biggest way to grow on Instagram right now, if you have physical products available for sale you may want to consider this as a tactic to boost your income. 


Clubhouse has Gotten Big Fast

If you haven’t yet heard about the new social media player Clubhouse, it’s something you should get familiar with. Clubhouse is essentially an audio only social media channel (think Zoom chats without the video). 

Clubhouse is initially only available to Apple users and access is strictly invitation only, which of course meant everyone wanted access immediately. We’re already seeing organisations using this channel to sell product, build their list and reach new communities. It’s worth jumping on early and getting a seat at the table. If you’ve had a good win on Clubhouse, let us know!

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