10 Easy Social Media Holiday Posts

While you’re super busy doing all of the end-of-year-preparing-for-Christmas-going-on-leave stuff, I thought I’d help you out with a few ideas for Christmas / Holiday social media posts.

12 days of Christmas – who doesn’t love a Christmas countdown? Run a series of posts over 12 days counting down to Christmas. From doing a daily flash sale or product highlight to 12 reasons why your cause is worth donating too, there are so many ways to countdown to Christmas. And it gives you 12 days of content!

School holidays – they are here and that means parents are trying to find all kinds of ways to keep their kids occupied. You can share your own team’s ideas for juggling kids, suggest activities or your favourite places to go and of course, plug any of your own services or programs that would be the perfect fit!

Trends or predictions for 2021 – who doesn’t love a great trend post? What are you seeing shift in your sector and what is going to be the big issues, opportunities or trends for next year?

Plans for 2021 – what is coming for your organisation next year? What are your big goals, milestones, ideas or launches? What have we got to look forward to once the calendar ticks over to January 1?

Office decorations – you can’t beat a good behind the scenes post. Take a few quick snaps of your office decorations and your team getting in the Christmas spirit. Create great visual content for Instagram and some quick fun snaps for your Stories.

Get a conversation going – People love to talk about themselves. Why not start a conversation over on Facebook or LinkedIn by asking a question? This can be anything from the light-hearted – what’s your all-time favourite Christmas movie? Or you could share the holiday traditions of people in your community, other countries or cultures. You could even use it to start a conversation about the impact on your community / the environment / animals during the holiday season.

Out of office – might sound a bit dry, but don’t forget to let your community know if you’re closing down over the holidays. Let them know what dates you’ll be out, and which services may be impacted. It might not get high engagement, but a lot of your audience will check social if they’re trying to reach you.

Christmas party – showcase your team culture by sharing a few snaps at your Christmas party. Try not to fall into the trap of a happy smiling group shot, because there are a lot of those around. Try to capture moments that show your audience who you are and what your organisation values are. And of course, never post after a few Christmas drinks!

DIY projects – people love ideas of fun things to do in the holidays. This works just as well for charities and causes. Run a dog shelter? Share a great ‘how to’ for making a dog bed. An environmental cause? Show people how to set up their own compost at home. The ideas really are endless.

Tips and value adds – Can you teach your audience one thing that will make their holidays easier, more fun or active? People love content they can use in the real world. So, what can you teach or inspire someone to do.

Hope this gets your creative juices flowing and you can add some of your own ideas to the list!

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